About Us

Dairy Best Victoria (DBV) is 100% Australian owned, organic certified facility, specialising in the manufacture of dry blended dairy powders to suit your needs. Our qualified Food Scientist provides the expertise to contract blend to specification and create new products for the developing food industry.

DBV holds strong key relationships with a number of manufacturers to provide some of the highest quality raw materials.

Modern machinery and continuously upgrading to ensure regular improvements within the production facility.

DBV’s flexibility as a purpose built facility enables us to handle a number of different incoming packaging such as 25 Kg bags, bulk bags, cans, sachets and bins of up to 1,500 Kg. Ability to blend and pack 100g to 1,000kg sachets, 10 to 25kg heat sealed bags or bulk bags up to 1,000kg.

Who are we?

Dairy Best Victoria (DBV) is a manufacturer of high quality blended dairy powders for the organic, bakery, confectionery and nutritional industries, produced within a strictly sanitized and quality control environment.

Constructed in January 2008 on 8,250m2 of land­, the facility occupies 3,300 m2 of warehousing, production and corporate offices and has a production capacity around 16,000 to 20,000 MTS per annum.

DBV is conveniently located at the Wyndham Industrial Estate within 20 KM of Melbourne’s CBD, seaport and airports.

Exporters to China

Dairy Best Victoria has Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) registered and approved for export to China. 

Quality Control

Dairy Best Victoria complies with the quality assurance and food safety standards of government regulatory bodies.
These include:

  • Department of Agriculture and Dairy Food Safety Victoria
  • Manufacturing licence and registered under establishment number 5291. Responsible food safety management includes compliance with the following:
    • HACCP (Food safety program based on Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points)
    • BRC
    • Halal
    • Kosher
    • Hygienic handling, storage and transport practices.
      Near-infrared Composition Analysis equipment tests for and records the fat and protein components during the production process.

Organic Certification

Dairy Best Victoria is Australian Certified Organic and products are compliant with all labelling requirements of the relevant Organic Standard.

Peak Nutritionals


Peak products represent sports, fitness and a healthy lifestyle as a holistic approach with an emphasis on nutrition.  Peak products are free from inferior ingredients, naturally sweetened and compliment any fitness regime. The range is tailored to suit the “everyday champion”; from grass roots amateur to professional athletes, busy mums or people getting back into training – Peak can help you get to the next level.

Peak Nutritionals® manufactures Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) to support lean muscle growth, cardio recovery, muscle toning and healthy weight management.  The range is rich in nutrition, high in clean GMO-free proteins, mixes with ease and tastes so good it’s hard to believe it’s good for you.

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For any other requirements, sponsorship, sales or promotional information, please contact
Jack Paterson
M: 0448221000
E: jack.paterson@peaknutritionals.com.au

Bulk Proteins

Bulk Proteins Banner

Australia prides itself on being a ‘sporting and outdoor living culture’. We play hard, are time poor and like to reward ourselves with healthy, nutritious premium food products. At Bulk Proteins, we believe that people are now more aware than ever of the benefits of living and eating healthier so, justifiably, they search for products that will support these goals. This is how Bulk Proteins came about.
We saw a need to develop clean and pure products for the everyday person that are quick and easy to add to your favourite healthy snacks and beverage recipes and all done at our very own factory Dairy Best Victoria.

Based on the science around protein being the building blocks for cell and lean muscle development Bulk Proteins premium whey protein is an ideal ingredient to assist muscle performance, endurance, recovery and everyday great health, immunity and well-being.

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For sale inquiries, please contact: Jack Paterson @ jack.paterson@peaknutritionals.com.au/bulk-protein